Tamsoft's expertise and experience covers the broad spectrum of e-Business suite. The unique combination of our in-depth business understanding, our technology expertise, and our global knowledge makes Tamsoft the superior choice for private enterprise and public sector customers.

Designed Software Products and Services

  • Fortran Cikrit PCB Enterprise Management 1.0
  • * Fortran Cikrit PCB Enterprise Management 2.0
  • XOOM ALARIS Digital Screen Advertising Management
  • UNLV Multi Screen Advertising Software
  • IFORA Networking Website
  • Friends and Jobs Networking Template
  • Customized SAP Objects and Consulting in CRM
  • I-Harmony Small Business ERP .NET Version
  • * I-Harmony Small Business ERP Php/JSP/Postgres Versions
  • * Business Intelligence Protocol and Engine for Supermarket/SCM
  • * Human Resource and Knowledge Management Suite

(* denotes currently under development)

More than 300 consultants on site and off site have worked with us in the research, analysis, design, development and testing of our products and services.